Latest announcement. Those who do not receive a pension should know these things immediately. Dates for disbursement of pension announced.


The Government of Kerala is providing a number of benefits in the present situation. Food rations are also being given through ration cards. At the meeting last week, the 100-day action plan was announced. That’s when the ‘good news’ for pensioners came out. It is estimated that about 58 lakh people in the state are receiving pensions. At the time of the lockdown, the government had increased the pension by Rs 100 to Rs 1,300.

But at this time of financial crisis, the pension has been increased by another Rs 100 from September. In addition, the decision has been taken to pay the pension amount of Rs 1400 per month from September. It will either get into your bank accounts or get your hands on homes.

All pensions up to August have been disbursed. The August pension was paid sooner rather than later to celebrate Onam. Various social security pensions such as old age pension, widow’s pension, farm worker’s pension, disability pension and unmarried pension for 50-year-olds are also being disbursed.

The government had said it would complete the mustering from July. But its date was extended to August. This was done in view of the fact that those who are not eligible are also getting pension.

After the mustering, the ward representatives will visit the houses through the local self-governing bodies in the month of September itself. If they are found to be ineligible for the examination, they will be removed from the pension list.

Therefore, new applicants should also keep this in mind. First check if you are eligible to apply for a pension and then submit the application. Those who are eligible should apply immediately. Let no benefits be lost in the present situation. Share this thing with as many people as possible.

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