Kudumbasree Onam kit arrives


The state government had provided free Onakit to the people in connection with Onam. It was provided through ration shops along with the ration share. Now, Onakit is being offered through Kudumbasree again as a relief to the common man. The kit units, which contain 21 items of products, include items called Reserve Reserve 2020.

It will also help lift the broken market by the hand. Purchasing this kit, which includes 21 items for only Rs 500, will be a great relief to those who are struggling financially. There is also an opportunity to pay Rs 500 in 21 installments. Some of the items included in the free kit are imported from other states, but not in the free kit items of Kudumbasree.

In our country, there are small units designed by mothers, which collect and distribute this kit. Non-members of neighborhood groups can also benefit from this kit. Distribution of 21 quality products, including coconut oil and rice powder, may begin soon. We can also participate in this project which is being implemented by the State Government as Kudumbasree.

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