If you are a farmer, Government of Kerala Rs. 2000 Financial Assistance Scheme, Everything you need to know


If you are a farmer, do not miss out on the Kerala Government’s Rs. 2000 financial assistance scheme.

The government has been providing a lot of financial assistance to those suffering from lockdowns and epidemics, one of which is the Rs 2,000 financial assistance scheme, which pays Rs 2,000 per hectare to farmers as royalty.

Applications can be submitted from September 12, 2020. All those who are cultivating paddy on their own or those who have leased land through an agency and are cultivating paddy can apply for this. After applying, the applicant will be selected based on your land and agricultural land.

Paddy is cultivated in 2.05 lakh hectares in our state and therefore its owners get a royalty of Rs. 2000 per hectare.

You can apply for this on your own website (via the link in the first comment on the website link) or through Akshaya Kendras.

This royalty will be given to the owners of the land where paddy is still cultivated without any change in the rupee.

This benefit is available not only to paddy cultivators but also to owners who cultivate short duration crops as part of crop rotation.

If the application is completed, the Agricultural Assistant will select you after online application verification and land inspection.

So I hope this knowledge will be useful to everyone, so you can apply now if you are eligible.

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