First Officer A320 Kuwait UAE Jazeera-Resource Group’s Flight Crew Services division Contractair Ltd is pleased to announce an A320 First Officer pilot recruitment campaign on behalf of our client; Jazeera.Jazeera Airways is a low cost airline based in Kuwait, established in 2004. It operates scheduled services in the Middle East and Europe.Jazeera has their head office on the grounds of Kuwait International Airport. The airline has grown since its launch to become Kuwait’s second national airline and has been dynamic in popularizing low cost carriers in the Middle East.

The airline currently has 8 A320 aircraft with 2 more on order.

This is a popular contract for a First Officer working together with professional people, who go that extra mile to make your stay with them an enjoyable experience.

First Officer A320 Kuwait UAE Jazeera

Call +44 (0) 1256 368500


Operator: Jazeera

Position: A320 First Officer / FO

Base of Operation: Kuwait UAE

License Requirements: Valid First Officer JAA, EASA, FAA, ICAO, Licence and First Class Medical

Commencement Date: As Soon As Possible

Contract Duration: Non-Compete, Permanent A320 First Officer non commuting contract

Salary: Excellent Tax Free salary

Travel: The First Officer will receive travel benefits on the airlines network

Accommodation & Transportation: First Officer will receive accommodation allowance

Other Benefits: Medical cover @ ROC provided by client

Personal accident emergency medical / travel insurance provided

First Officer pilot uniform provided

Annual Leave: 42 days per year

Candidate Experience: An A320 First Officer pilot with 250 hours on type, a minimum of 1000 hours SIC experience and 1,500 hours Total time on heavy jet, current within 9 months from the date of interview

Age Restriction: For First Officer up to age 45 at time of joining

Screening Process: First Officer A320 pilot interview and simulator sessions in Istanbul in December 2015. Airline will provide flight and HOTAC accommodation for all candidates invited to interview for the position


If you are interested in this First Officer job position and would like to apply then contact Anita Neale on +44 (0) 1256 368500, +44 (0) 7881 626 411 – or alternatively email any enquiries to Please be advised copies of the following documents will be required:

1) Licence with A320 First Officer rating

2) Medical Certificate

3) Last Three Pages of your Log Book stamped by previous employer showing last flight on the A320

4) Last LPC Check / IR / Simulator Check

5) Passport

6) Personal CV stating relevant First Officer & A320 experience

7) Letter of Authenticity from the licence issuing aviation authority to accompany your licence

8) ICAO English Proficiency certificate (Level 4 or above)

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