Distribution of food coupons in lieu of free food kits, petition submitted for this


Distribution of food coupons in lieu of free food kits, the Civil Supplies Department has submitted a petition for the same, we know in detail.

During the distribution of Onam kits, it took a long time for the products to arrive from other states, its packing and distribution, and due to delays, many people received the kits after Onam, and then there were many complaints that the quality of many of the products in the kit was substandard.

In this situation where the government has announced free kits for all the ration card holders for the next four months, of course it takes a lot of time to bring these from other states for packing and distribution, so the distribution of the kit may be delayed for four months. The idea is to get a coupon of the price of the kit that is intended to be given to the ration card holders and then use that coupon to buy their favorite items from the Supplyco or Maveli store associated with them.

As a plus point, the Civil Supplies Department points out that this eliminates the need to import food from other states, costs less to pack, does not take time to deliver and does not pose a quality problem.

The Supplies Department also says that once such a coupon is issued, people will buy the items they like or more items that we sometimes buy from the relevant stores, so that it is also a benefit to the government.

This will be easier for the people of Kerala as well, so if we get Iowa Open, we can buy whatever we want at any time and there will be no delay. There will be an immediate response or decision on this request, so if this request has been approved by the government, we will receive the kit price coupons in the event that there is no clarity yet about the free kit for the month of September.

You can then comment on this request.

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